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Music promoters swear to protest until Government responds to their grievances



By our Writer

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Events organizer and renown music promoter Abitex has said that promoters are not ready to stop striking until the government responds to their grievances.

In an interview with NBS television, Abitex said that promoters and events organizers have made enough losses that they might not recover from.

He also revealed that they will strike until the government understands that they are also Ugandans.

Bukenya wanted to set fire on himself but we did our best to calm him down.Most of these promoters have families to take care of but the government has ignored that. They do not have what to eat and they are suffering so much. You can imagine all these months without working. I can confirm to you that if the government does not respond, these promoters will strike until it makes sense to the government.

Yesterday, music promoters protested on the streets saying the government has forgotten them yet they are also Ugandans with so many grievances.

This left a one promoter Bukenya undressing to express his dissatisfaction. Five of the protesters were arrested by police and are being detained.

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