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Bebe Cool And Zuena Hire Two Professional Hairstylists Just Days After Being Accused Of Failing To Pay Another City Barber



Earlier this week, renown city hairstylist Mart Barber came out and accused singer Big Size Bebe Cool of refusing to pay him after shaving him ‘Kimemeya’.

Marts Barber srcoing his thing
Marts Barber doing his thing

Mart claimed that Bebe and is his family love to live an expensive and lavish lifestyle that they can’t afford to maintain. While on NBS TV’s UnCut show, Mart Barber revealed a lot of things starting with how Bebe Cool is a very ill-mannered person according to his behaviors.

He then went ahead to disclose how the singer defaulted his payment of Shs 3 million that he worked for the past six months adding how the Wire Wire singer is “a fool who has no brains”.

Bebe has hired two new professional barbers
Bebe has hired two new professional barbers

“Bebe Cool is a very ill-mannered person. He is not a good person at all according to his behaviors. When you stay with him for a long time you get to understand him and that’s why his last haircut wasn’t styled by me because you can demand for your money and get tired. 

He can no longer come to my salon for hairstyling basing on what he did to me during the lock down period, we chose to part ways because I demanded my hairstyling payments until I got gave up on him.

In fact, for all those scenarios that were there during the lockdown, I decided to leave him with the money. Because I told him that for all the hairstylings that have styled you, your wife and the family have not profited anything from them.

I actually earned very little cash from him because if he were at the salon, I would have charged him a million shillings but he just gave me only Shs 350,000.”, Mart Barber claimed.

Bebe with one of his new stylist
Bebe with one of his new stylist

Now after shame befalling him, the Gagamel chief together with his bae Zuena have moved on swiftly and hired two professional Hairstylists to replace Mart. One of the two hairstylist is Rony Kampala Locs, the chap behind Bebe’s elder daughter Beata Ssali.

Mummy Zue took it to her Instagram account and let the ‘Cat out of the bag’;

“@rony_kampala_locs webale kunyiriza our ka princess.Beata just joined the locks family,easy to maintain and very light on the head.
You can get the same look….”, she captioned.


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