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Video: The Bar Owners Association in Uganda introduces unique sipping mask



By BigEyeUg Team

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The Bar Owners Association in Uganda has introduced a unique mask that allows bar patrons to drink alcohol and other beverages yet minimizing the spread of COVID-19 amongst themselves.

The new invention was announced on Tuesday by the Legit Bar Owners Association and restaurant representative.

Apparently, the masks will be available at no cost but required to take everyone’s details.

We decided we as the members of the Legit Bar Owners Association and restaurant, to manufacture them and give them out to our customers at a free cost but recording details whenever entering the bar,” he said.

One will also be free to take it with him/her at home for a thorough routine cleaning.

No paying for this mask and one will be required to wash it whenever coming to the bar.

He further promised that the association will remodify the masks with time and sign contracts with more suppliers.

We are aiming at re-inventing the masks to make them better for usage in bars, also we are going to seek from more suppliers so that they are endowed in the country.

Last week, Stanley Ndawula one of the Uganda Bar Owners Association members said the that increasing domestic violence cases in families are attributed to the ongoing lockdown in the country.

He also asserted that drunkards are the most humble people and should be resume partying.

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