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Photos: Fresh Kid visits Bishop Arnold Muwonge’s Kampala Children center in Wakiso



By Stuart G-Khast

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Bishop Arnold Muwonge

It was glamour and excitement when juvenile singer Fresh Kid paid Wakiso based schools and children’s home Stride academy,Destiny Bridge and KCC respectively that are run my Bishop Arnold Muwonge in Wakiso a surprise visit yesterday and left resident children at the centre excited. Fresh Kid who was in company of his dad, Fresh daddy enjoyed games with the children in Wakiso and also sang along their hymns.

“It is always a pleasure around my fellow kids and this school makes me feel at home” Fresh Kids said. His father on the other hand too had a compliment “One of my children has been through such a school setting. I thank Bishop Muwonge for creating such an environment for children, we look forward to coming back at every opportunity”

Bishop Arnold Muwonge is the proprietor of Destiny Bridge and Stride Academy schools, some of the best performing schools in Wakiso and the country. He has also created a great environment with Kampala Children centre, where he looks after hundreds providing shelter, food and an education.

Here are some moments of Fresh Kid in wakiso.

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