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DP Members Who Fraternize with other Parties shall Face Disciplinary Measures – Norbert Mao 



After his re-election to the helm of the Democratic Party (DP), Norbert Mao has warned dissenters that there will be no room for indiscipline in the replenished party.

Mao, like James Akena his Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) counterpart, yesterday sailed through unopposed at the National Delegates Conference that was held at Sir Samuel Baker Secondary School in Gulu district.

Addressing the fourth estate at City House on Tuesday, Mao stated that unlike before, any DP member who conspires against the party in the 2021 polls shall straight away be expunged.

“If you are a DP member, you should not be seen gallivanting with candidates who are non DP against a DP candidate. Automatically, your matter will be a disciplinary issue and will give you a red carpet to wherever you want to go and escort you,” he warned.

Mao added that this issue had been discussed at length in Gulu and a ‘Redline’ had been drawn.

He explained that this hard stance was necessary to reorganize a badly battered party after years of infighting.

“DP is not an NGO. We were not founded just to feel good about DP, we were founded to take charge of Government. So you can take over the Government if you are organized,” Mao explained.

Perhaps, he noted, this was the optimal time to do this having undergone some sort of ‘Political weight loss’ which he says was necessary to ensure party harmony.

“It is not weight loss because of sickness, it weight loss which was occasioned by necessity,” he chipped in.

DPs New Publicity Secretary Enock Opio Okoler addressing the press on September 22, 2020.

While he did not mention names, it is understood that this was a veiled attack on strong DP adherents who have abandoned the party in the run up to the forthcoming polls.

Last month, eleven senior leaders including Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze, Mathias Mpuuga, and Joseph Ssewungu jumped ship and joined the National Unity Platform (NUP).

“All Uganda Political Parties owe DP a huge debt and until they pay it, Uganda is not going to be settled,” he agonized.


Mao, who has been at the helm of the party for the last ten years, has set his sights on completing the Ben Kiwanuka Memorial House by 2024.

“By the time we go to the next delegate’s conference, the five storey building must be standing. I believe we can achieve it,” he hinted.

That aside, Mao says he plans to resuscitate DPs international connections by joining the International Democrats Union (IDU).

“We have been a member of the Democrats Union of Africa (DUA) but now we have received a request by the International Democrats Union who have asked us to apply for membership,” he hinted.

The Chairman of the DP Election Management Committee, Mr. Kennedy Mutenyo addressing the press on September 22 2020.

Despite the glaring number of unopposed contestants, Kennedy Mutenyo the DP Election Management Committee Chairman says no unscrupulous means were applied.

New Executive

Norbert Mao – President General (unopposed)

Gerald Siranda – Secretary General (unopposed)

Enock Okoler Opio – National Publicity Secretary

Fred Mukasa Mbidde – Vice President (unopposed)

Imam Makumbi – Vice President Western Uganda (unopposed)

Elia Alitia – Vice President Northern Uganda (unopposed)

George Fred Kagimu – Vice President Central Uganda

Dr. Kiwanuka Mayambala – National Chairman (unopposed)

Eng.Ggala Charles Wilson – Entrepreneurship

Maxensia Takirambule – PWD leader

Erias Luyimbazi – National Legal Adviser (unopposed)

Richard Lumu – Deputy National Legal adviser (unopposed)

Hon Babirye Kabanda – Treasurer (unopposed)


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