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Uganda should go the Tanzania way, Prophet Mbonye urges Ugandan government to open places of worship while on BBC



By Reporter

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Prophet Elvis Mbonye famous for controversy has hit again. While appearing on BBC radio today, the Zoe fellowship leader insisted that places of worship need to re-open even amidst the global pandemic Covid-19. Talking to Allan Kasujja, Presenter on BBC, Prophet Mbonye cited scriptures to back his thinking. He said: “The scripture said you should not forsake the assembling together. When you come together and assemble together there are certain prophecies you realise”

Prophet Mbonye believes fellowship alone will not accelerate the spread of Covid-19. “The Apostle Paul says if I am a fool for God, so be it. When you are a person of faith, your faith speaks for you in all situations,” he said.

“I disagree 100% with how government has handled the Covid-19. I don’t dispute the existence of Covid-19 but faith never changes. I would say that our motto says For God and My Country and not for Science and My Country.” Mbonye added.

Prophet Mbonye is strongly leading a campaign to sew worship places re-open. He has called upon all other religions leaders to join cause and trust more in God than in science.

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