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Comedian Chiko Attacks ‘Selfish’ Kenzo And Spice Diana For Failing To Turn Up For His Mum’s Burial Ceremony



Earlier on this week, tragedy befell Comedian Chiko when he lost his beloved mum.

Madrat and Chiko
Madrat and Chiko

A big number of fellow entertainers cruised off to Mityana to attend the burial ceremony and also show solidarity to Chiko in his trying times.

These included Alex Muhangi, Patrick Salvador, Uncle Mark, John Segawa, Richard Tuwangye, Maulana &Reign, MC Mariachi Madrat, radio personality Kasuku and many others showed up to send off the deceased.

Bebe Cool’s son Allan Hendrick attended the burial to represent his dad. However,  Madrat and Chico are very bitter with their close pals, Eddy Kenzo and Spice Diana for not only snubbing burial ceremony but also failing send any condolence messages.

While appearing on a local TV channel, Madrat and Chiko blasted;

Chico is bitter with Spice and Kenzo
Chico is bitter with Spice and Kenzo

“It’s so sad that we have lost our mother and thank you all comedians for the solidarity .I also can’t wait to thank singer Bebe Cool who called me and told me that he is far but sent his son Allan to represent him,” Madrat said .

“Today it is Chiko, tomorrow it is you. We are watching you closely and time will tell. For all I care we comedians run the entertainment industry compared to you guys,”Madrat said.

They say, when you get a problem, that is when you get to know your true friends. Chico is furious that despite being close to many artists, some of whom he has appeared in their video shoot free of charge, many artists were not by his side when he lost his beloved mother. Not even a txt message of condolences. He pointed out Eddy Kenzo and Spice Diana. This takes me back to when Eddy Kenzo threw tantrums because Bobi Wine blue ticked his message. I believe he now knows what the NUP president goes through. One of the reasons why international artists have managers, personal assistants then social handlers is to remind them not to miss out taking part in such occurrences. It is the personal assistants who read all news to pick out his boss’s area of interest and advise accordingly. I believe, just like Bobi Wine, Eddy Kenzo was too busy that he forgot to send condolences to his longtime colleagues in art. I am one person who believe, this can not be intentional. I know Spice Diana as a very humble and compassionate lady. There is no reason why she wouldnt stand with her colleagues but like i said, when you dont have someone to remind you, you may end up forgetting an important event like that. Most music managers think about hard cash, but if i can give you free services where others pay me money for the same, Iam literally giving you money. So my dear celebs, mwesortinge ku issue eyo.

Posted by Kakensa Media on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Chiko is a regular reveler in most of the artists’ music concerts and social causes in the music industry. He has also put his face to some of the artists’ music videos.

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