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Lord Mayor Lukwago Under Fire as Youth Leaders Accuse him of Gross Mismanagement of Office



Fuming Leaders under the Kampala youth council have written to the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago demanding an explanation into several irregularities under his reign that have hindered opportunities for the youth.

The youth leaders accuse Lukwago of grossly mismanaging the youth fund by creating ghost youth groups and being partisan in awarding scholarships by giving them to relatives and friends in Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA.

A letter dated 15th September 2020, authored by Lwasa Laban the Youth Leader, they have threatened to file a legal complaint against Lukwago for abuse of office and corruption, should he fail to respond to their grievances.

Lwasa claims the office of the Lord Mayor has not informed them of any benefits or opportunity in KCCA for the Youth which has hindered progress in their lives.

“We put it to you Mr. Lukwago that the youth fund was grossly mismanaged and was given to ghost youth groups. KCCA scholarships have been given to relatives and friends in KCCA. Talent schemes shared, girl child empowerment programs in your office scrapped off, youth exchange programs not advertised” Lwasa said

In the write-up, Lwasa is complaining that efforts to get in touch with Lukwago have always hit a snag as his phone calls are either diverted or go unanswered and he cannot be met in person.

”your guards need a prior appointment and your phone is ever diverted or not picked, we are left with one option to drop our concerns in this letter,” he added.

Lwasa further explains that the Lukwago is acting contrary to what he preaches as the Head of KCCA .

Yes, you constantly emphasized to follow the rule of law during your campaign and on your talk shows, we see controversy under your officer as the principal supervisor of the KCCA budget allocation and service delivery” Lwasa said in the letter.

We are yet to get communication from Lukwago in regard to these allegations,

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