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Video: Route Entertainment’s Vivian Tendo releases her “Leero” video



By Stuart G-Khast

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While many artistes still struggle through the Covid-19 pandemic with little resources to release music and stay afloat, a few still find their way to good music and eventually to airwaves. Vivian Tendo despite her still growing music career is one of the very few that has still found her way to shine.

Vivian Tendo has sprout again and this time in her latest video release “Leero” that was released today. Once again, her strong pitch comes clear and so are the lyrics that still cry out for love. Leero was direcby Allan Soja , audio by Eli arkhis and written by Yesse Oman Rafiki.

Vivian Tendo has sinve her initiation into Route management not looked back as she continues to grow everyday with sweet lobe ballards that circulate the airwaves.

Watch Leero here

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