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God’s Plan confident Sheilah will make it on Forbes Africa Under 30 list



City socialite God’s Plan, born Ali Marcus Lwanga, is optimistic that his lover Sheilah Carol Gashumba will one time make the cut and appear on the Forbes Africa Under 30 Entrepreneurs list in the near future.

The former ‘Arsenal’ academy reject opened up about his wishful thinking and hopes his lover can make it on the Forbes Africa Under 30 list via his Twitter account.

She will be on Forbes Africa. Fact!

A few moments after his tweet had gone viral, Sheilah retweeted also expressing her interest in making the cut on the Forbes Africa Under 30 list soon.

The former NTV THE BEAT and Style Project co-host further opened up on how appearing on the Forbes Africa Under 30 list has been her dream for the past four years and just can’t wait to see her dream come to life.

I should be in Forbes Africa Under 30 soon!! I have said this for 4 years and I must make it happen ASAP.

This comes in just a few days after Sheilah Gashumba was announced as an ambassador for Yo Kuku in a deal which is believed to be worth Shs 100m.

Sasha Vybz is the latest popular Ugandan to have made the cut on the Forbes Africa Under 30 list. We hope Sheilah and God’s Plan’s dream comes to reality. Everything is possible!

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