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Zari Buys Herself Mega New Apartment Ahead Of Her 40th Birthday



Zari Hassan will soon be turning 40 years and to mark this special milestone; the mother of five has decided to gift herself an apartment located at one of South Africa’s finest suburbs.

Zari soon making 40
Zari soon making 40

The excited lady who will soon be celebrating another milestone as she hits 4th floor shared a blurry video parading what she says is an upcoming apartment.

Zari's new apartment
Zari’s new apartment

With all the money she has been making with her businesses; not forgetting what Ivan left behind, we can clearly see why she can afford to purchase a fancy apartment.

Just bought myself an apartment for my 40th in that unfinished block. 4 minutes from my home. Keys to be received on 1st December

Zari gifts herself a new apartment
Zari gifts herself a new apartment

Finally embracing her age

With such grown boys, Miss Zari Hassan has no reason to keep faking her age considering the fact her eldest son will soon be 18 years. For this reason, she can longer hold on to her 30’s to avoid questions; or rather harsh comments from fans who have been insisting on Zari to reveal her real age.

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