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VIDEO: Prophet Elvis works up online audience, relegates the likes of Yale & Havard to kindergartens in debut virtual session



Prophet Elvis Mbonye opened the first online fellowship ON Tuesday Evening declaring the devil is in trouble and spoke about his previous night’s meeting with the Holy Spirit who asked him to “usher all of you into the path He (the Holy Spirit) has taken him.” He promised miracles, signs, and wonders including prophecies.

The Facebook live video has over 17,000 views by Wednesday morning. With the September 1st Honour gala video at 26,000 views, the prophet is destined to hit the 100k in a matter of weeks given this trajectory.
“The cyberspace has taken over by the name of the Lord. Now we don’t want to see funny videos, people playing around. It’s changing; prophecy, glory. We have come. A lot of things are going to close and wait because we’ve come. The devil always shoots himself in the foot, some of us would never have thought about cyberspace. The devil’s work will stop at least for two hours,” he declared.

Prophet Elvis briefly but fondly spoke about his early encounters with Jesus way before 1998 when he was trying hard to run as far as he could from the Lord, en-route to speaking in tongues and the miraculous life. He also revealed some childhood encounters with the Lord.

“Whatever I share with you, it is my business to share these things with you, and it is your business how you take them. When you receive them you are blessed. When you reject them, I feel sorry for you,” he said.
The prophet also referred to his first online fellowship as an introduction to the life of miracles, not biology, stating that; “Biology is very inferior, economics, as has as known, is very inferior. There’s not any knowledge you can find on the earth that can match what you are hearing here; any knowledge, all of it is inferior.”

So in effect, he relegated the likes of Yale University, Harvard, Cambridge, and the like to kindergartens in comparison to his fellowship.
He concluded by blessing Uganda to become a model nation for the rest of the world (which we interpreted as becoming the first world!!).

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