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Cindy: I dropped many managers because I wasn’t ready to sleep with them



By BigEyeUg Team

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Multi-genre songstress Cindy Sanyu has opened up on her career and why she dumped the idea of having musical managers.

This was during her visit to Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s Worship House church, Kampala, for a service.

In her summon to the scanty congregation, Cindy narrated how she decided to lose huge opportunities that would thrillingly uplift her music career but maintain her right place before God, the creator.

Cindy revealed that she solely became the only music artiste in Uganda to drop will of working with any management.

This was because, a number of male music managers would at times persuade her to sleep with them in reward of pleasant music gigs and platforms.

There are so many opportunities I have lost in life because I decided to do what is right. Am the only artiste in Uganda who decided to not have a management because I knew that managements most times involves you selling yourself. I mean selling your personal values as a woman yet most times you,” Cindy said.

The self-proclaimed ‘King herself’ also noted how such an act deeply degrades any woman’s personal values, prospects and aspects in life.

Many have ended up losing lives and dreams because of the lifetime frustration and depression they are capped into.

As a woman you wish to only love one man whom you love not the man who is giving you deals. So, you want to fall in love genuinely. When you get a manager sometimes you have to keep sleeping with him so that they would continue giving you deals,” Cindy added.

She further narrated how she turned down advise of having a manager from her friends and reputable music advisers in the industry.

So, I decided that am not going to have a manager and instead I said whenever I needed one, I would call my sister.

So many things lost because of that. Many times, people used to tell me, so you are not international, why don’t you just accept and join this management so that you can go international.

Cindy noted that she stayed glued to her decision with the belief that God would one day reward her for her faithfulness and we can all attest to the fact that he has kept her name among the top female artistes in the country for the last 18years despite her competitors falling-off with time.

I didn’t join particular cults, rituals or sleep with some people because I wanted to do my things right. I believe that if you do things rightfully God blesses you.

Without doubt, Cindy still stands out among the longtime divas in Uganda with a lit music career endowed with mammoth of both local and international awards and recognitions.

Of recent, Cindy landed record of the first female artist to hold a successful music concert ‘Boom Party’ at Lugogo Cricket Oval, Uganda’s renowned biggest music concert venue.

She is also equipped with an outstanding music catalogue of masterpieces.

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