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MC Mariach to entertain fans in ‘One Man Comedy Show’ this month



By BigEyeUg Team

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It was pomp and glamour over the weekend as Ugandan comedian, Kenneth Kimuli, famously known by stage names Pablo Yagayo and wife Karen Kimuli celebrated their 10th marriage anniversary.

Its no doubt, Pablo and Karen’s 10years of holy marriage have drawn such an enormous inspiration to the public and upcoming lovers.

The couple’s cheerful day was marked with a number of surprise twists in the celebrations that Pablo is still fascinated about.

Pablo reveals how him and wife being among the Non-essential workers that the President categorized, had opted for simple celebrations of just two people but plans got over turned with time into something huge and memorable.

This was after they were hit daily with a true definition of celebrating a ‘10th anniversary’ which they were convinced that it comes once in a lifetime if you are lucky.

Read Pablo’s full narration;

Like most men, my financial calculations are often in a different currency.

We look at things in terms of bills of quantities.

They tell you a plate of chicken is 30k and all you see is a bag of cement going to waste.

Our tenth marriage anniversary showed up yesterday #04thSept and we always dreamt of having a flowery celebration. My wife and I are not essential workers based on the presidential covid19 SOP’s.

He actually categorized us ‘Leja leja’ loosely translated as wage-based workers.

We decided that we were going to celebrate our anniversary just the two of us and call it a day.

Along the way, we asked ourselves; what is life if it’s not worth celebrating? I hit the acceleration gear and called up a few friends who bought into the idea of a scientific anniversary with complete renewal of vows.

My wife believes that the sky should always be the limit in all we do and yes, Protea Hotels by Marriott Naguru Skyz was the place to be. Immediately my mind switched to the ‘Mens’ mode of currency.

I couldn’t see myself leaving a whole land title in the name of food and wot wont won’t. 

In the same moment it instantly hit me that a 10th anniversary comes once in a lifetime if you are lucky. Once in the kitchen you stand the heat. We started drawing budgets.

The elegance and unique culture of glamour is what captured our attention upon entering Naguru Skyz Hotel.

A lady wearing a million-dollar smile ushered us to the reception and took us through their cuisine.

Their hospitality gives you a great clarity of what value for money means. The unique, sacrosanct, and beautiful architecture is enviable.

The view of the city from the terrace is admirable and the breeze is refreshing.

We were pleasantly surprised and humbled by their prices. They fit exactly in our budget without thinking of bills and quantities.

Simply put, they gave us a 5 🌟 treatment at a 2 🌟 price.

I can’t help but thank God for his grace and yes, Naguru Skyz, “I’ll be back!” (In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice).

The love birds met 15years ago and have been blessed with two children.

Pablo has had such a tremendous comedy career with both local and international performances and recognitions.

Karen runs a director at World Ventures, a travel company offering the best services when it comes to learning how to live a life of fun, freedom and fulfillment.

Photos from Pablo’s wedding ceremony in 2010;

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