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How much longer can the Belarusian president hold on? | Europe



Alexander Lukashenko insists he is not going anywhere despite a month of protests against the Belarusian president’s disputed re-election.

On Sunday, tens of thousands of protesters ignored government warnings to demand a new vote, saying last month’s election was rigged.

Police were seen dragging away or beating demonstrators.

Friends of a high-profile opposition leader, Maria Kolesnikova, say masked men abducted her from a street in the capital, Minsk.

Rights groups and Belarus’s neighbours have condemned the crackdown.

So how much longer can Lukashenko hold on to power?

Presenter: Imran Khan


Jaroslav Romanchuk – former Belarusian opposition presidential candidate

Franak Viacorka – non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council

Vladimir Sotnikov – political scientist at the Russia Academy of Sciences

Source: Al Jazeera

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