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Museveni Orders Deployment of 15,000 Police, UPDF in Sembabule, Ntungamo



Museveni yesterday vowed to initiate and facilitate criminal proceedings against the candidates involved in rigging, intimidation and bribery during the concluded primary elections.

Museveni in a statement on Saturday evening said evidence of forgery are going to be gathered to cause prosecution and jailing of unscrupulous candidates for up to 5 years.

“Unfortunately, there are shallow people who resort to shallow schemes to steal the power of the people. These do the following: bribing, intimidation, altering declaration forms, even attacking and injuring people, using the underage to vote, importing voters from other areas etc,” said Museveni.

He noted that the falsified declaration forms, from the open exercise  where voters lined up behind the candidates or their agents, are easily going to be detected.

“It is an exercise in futility for anybody to create a new reality on DR forms that is not in the villages. Anybody who participated in such transparent criminality commits fraud and the sentence for fraud is 3-5 years in prison,” he said.

Museveni appealed to the candidates, who believed they were cheated, to gather evidence and hand them to Police.

“Therefore, the aggrieved candidates, get facts from a sample of villages from your village agents, who must speak truthfully otherwise they will also be charged with aiding and abetting a fraud as well as making false declarations, the Police will cross-check and criminal proceedings will be initiated,” he said.

He stated that even those who participated in bribery, intimidation and other electoral malpractices are also going to be followed by the law.

“The same with other crimes- bribery, intimidation, assaults etc.; just get facts. We should not allow crooks to pollute our massive force that you saw yesterday. Down with crooks,” said Museveni.

The President concluded that it his Constitutional mandate to make sure the crooks are brought to book.

Several areas in the country registered complaints of violence, voter bribery, rigging and others.

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