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Ministry of Health: Lira Regional Referral Hospital Remains Open to Public 



The Ministry of Health has clarified that Lira Regional Referral Hospital is open to public contrary to the social media reports that it has been closed.

The Ministry, in a statement released by its Spokesman Emma Ainebyoona on Sunday evening, disputed the reports circulating on social media already carried by a number of FM radios in Lira.

“The Ministry of Health would like to inform the general public that Lira Regional Referral Hospital remains OPEN, contrary to social media reports,” said part of the statement.

The statement revealed that four health workers from the regional referral hospital have been found with COVID-19 and two of them are from the critical section of operating theatre, which has been closed.

“However, the hospital has been conducting mass testing for COVID-19 among its staff. 4 health workers were confirmed for COVID-19, of which 2 work in the operating theatre. The theatre has since been temporarily closed for disinfection and contact tracing,” he said.

Adding: “All other health services remain OPEN to the public with strict adherence to SOPs (standard operating protocols).”

Sadly, the Ministry revealed that a senior medic from the hospital has succumbed to COVID-19.

“On a sad note the Ministry announces the death of a Senior Medical Officer of Lira RRH today due to COVID-19. The ministry commiserates with the staff of Lira hospital and the entire medical fraternity on this untimely death.”

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