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Has Lionel Messi been forced into a U-turn? | Lionel Messi



Star footballer Lionel Messi has been forced to back down in his attempt to leave his lifelong football club FC Barcelona.

The Argentine ended weeks of speculation by announcing he would reluctantly stay for one more season. Messi said he would see out his contract until next year to avoid taking the club to court.

The player wanted to leave on a free transfer – but Barca and the Spanish league say he is bound by a $837m buyout clause.

So what does Messi’s dispute with his club tell us about footballers’ contracts?

Presenter: Kim Vinnell


Rob Wilson – football finance expert, Sheffield Hallam University

Gemma Soler – football reporter and presenter for Gol TV

Andrew Nixon – lawyer and partner at Sheridans, a sport law group

Source: Al Jazeera

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