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NRM Preliminary Results: Jim Muhwezi, Kateshumbwa in Early Lead



The latest NRM primary results emerging from the districts of Rukungiri and Sheema in western Uganda   appear to be going well for Hon Jim Muhwezi and Dicksons Kateshumbwa.

The results still being tallied put former Minister Jim Muhwezi in the lead in the Rujumbura Constituency race.

Muhwezi is seeking to oust FDC’s Fred Tumuheirwe in next year’s elections.

In the preliminary results obtained by Chimpreports which await confirmation from the party Electoral Commission; Jim Muhwezi was leading at various polling Stations as follows.

Kasoroza village, Rujumbura, Rukungiri District

Jim Muhwezi 161

Muhurizi Julius 7

Medius Kaharata 118

Maryscent 12

Musimenta Cledonia 12

Others 0


At Katungu Rushasha

Jim Muhwezi: 106

Muhurizi: 02

Venansio: 1


At Bikurungu:

Hon. Jim Muhwezi  54 votes

Muhurizi  4 votes.


At Rwoya Central Vanancio’s home

Jim 31

Vanansio 50


At Kagorogoro:

Jim muhwezi 93

Muhurizi 0

Vanansiyo 1

Mugisha Alex 1


At Kasoroza village:

Jim Muhwezi 161

Muhurizi Julius 7

Medius Kaharata 118

Maryscent 12

Musimenta Cledonia 12

Others 0

At Muhwezi’s own polling station of Katungu Rushasha:




At Rushararazi primary school.

Hon. Jim Muhwezi 73

Muhurizi 1


At Nyakarama

Jim 68

Muhurizi 16

At Rushararazi Jim 96

Muhurizi 5

Others 0


Meanwhile in Sheema Municipality; former URA Commissioner Dicksons Kateshumbwa appeared to be leading the incumbent Minister Elioda Tumwesigye at various stations

At Kihunda Kanoni cell

Kateshumbwa – 109

Elioda     – 40


At Katooma Cell

Katesh 149

Elioda 37

Mutabwire 2

The rest 0


At Nkokonjeru cell Rwenshama

Katesh 104

Elioda 20

At Nyarubungo

Katesh 58

Elioda 71


At Rwengando Trading Center




At Nyamirima

Katesh 110

Elioda 20


At Kihunda ward Kagongi lc1

Kateshi 229,

Elioda 22,


Rwenshama Cell

Katesh 135

Elioda 26


At Kyagaju central

Katesh 102

Elioda 43


Kikonko cell Kashozi

Katesh 90

Elioda   44

At Rushoroza West

Katesh 114

Elioda 52


At Kabwohe mission

Katesh 159

Elioda 53

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