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”Betty Nambooze Is A Mere Political Prostitute Looking For A Platform To Go Back To Parliament ‘..Bassaja Mivule Goes Hard On Renown Mukono MP



When veteran journalist and celebrated radio presenter Gordon Bassaja Mivule ‘Nsolo  Nkambwe’ publicly ditched the people power movement and crossed over to the ruling  party, a number of high profile politicians came out and criticized the experienced state’s man for betraying his  deep rooted values and the struggle he had stood for for over 20 years.

Among the legilator who came out to condemn Bassaja Mivule’s controversial decsion to join the NRM was non other than Mukono Municipality MP Betty Namabooze.

While appearing on NBS’s political program ‘Barometer’ Nambooze said that Mivule’s decision to join the NRM must have been influenced by his unstable state of mind because she didn’t quite understand why a person who had criticized Museveni for over 20 years would suddenly jump ship and switch allegiance without a major break down into his mental faculty.

”Mivule must have been going through alot of psychological distress. He must have had something wrong with him psychological that eventually led to his controversial decision” Nambooze said. In essence Nambooze was indirectly trying to say that Mivule must have been insane at the time of making the decision.

And now to rebuttal Nambooze’s claims , the no nonsense media personality has come out to reveal how Nambooze is nothing short of a political prostitute.

”Nambooze has no right to question my integrity. For starter Nambooze is a political prostitute who keeps jumping from one political party to another. Secondly Nambooze used to abuse and critise Bobi Wine during his early political day, nope she’s the same person who has come under NUP to look for a platform to go back to parliament” Mivule harshly said in one of his Facebook videos


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