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ARUA NRM PRIMARIES: EX FDC’s Bernard Atiku Trailing in Ayivu West Division 



The Ayivu County Member of Parliament, Benard Atiku who crossed to the National Resistance Movement party has been beaten in the primary elections, according to the significant preliminary results released.

Atiku, who is currently serving as an Independent member, left Forum for Democratic Change party in the last general elections of 2016.


The lawmaker, who has served in FDC for over 15 years, recently joined the ruling NRM party ahead of the 2021 general elections.

Atiku, who is serving his second term in Parliament, joined the House on the FDC ticket in 2011.

He fell out with the party and contested as an independent candidate in 2016, although he still remained within the opposition circles.

Atiku on August 20 officially announced that he had changed his alliance and would seek re-election through the NRM party.

Results coming from Ayivu West Division: 

14/18 Parishes:

John      Lematia      6,580

Denis     Ayikobua    3,187

Bernard   Atiku         2,542

Fred     Bada           1,714

Denis    Anguyo      204

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