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AFCON Trophy Missing From Egyptian Football Association Headquarters



Having won the African Nations Cup title for three consecutive times in 2006, 2008 and 2010, Egypt retained the trophy for life.

Ten years later, it has been discovered that the trophy is reportedly missing from the Egyptian Football Association’s custody.

Former Egyptian Football Association vice-president Ahmed Shobier advanced the claim on Friday afternoon that the Africa Cup of Nations trophy has disappeared from the EFA’s headquarter.

“The EFA started looking for some trophies as they aim to put them in a notable museum inside the EFA,” Shobier told Egyptian media outlet Al Khaleej.

“However, the EFA was surprised to find that the AFCON trophy was lost and decided to open an investigation. They were informed by an employee inside the association that it was held by former Egypt captain Ahmed Hassan who refuted this claim.”

“Nobody knows where is the trophy at the time being,” Shobier added.

According to Shobir, EFA employees said that former Egypt national team captain Ahmed Hassan kept the trophy with him.

Hassan however, denied the claim, saying that he kept the trophy at home after winning the Africa Cup of Nations title in 2010 and gave the trophy back to the Egyptian Football Association in 2011.

Ahmed Hassan was the national team’s captain in 2008 in Ghana and 2010 in Angola.

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