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Minister Baromunsi Named in Kidnap of Kanungu Priest



Rev. Fr. Andrew Tumukurate the Parish Priest of Rutenga Catholic Parish in Kanungu District is nursing serious wounds after he was reportedly kidnapped by unknown people who tortured him and later dumped him at Kanungu Police Station.

Fr Tumukurate is said to have been kidnapped from Rutenga Catholic Church by men traveling in vehicle registration number UBD 340R.

He says the assailants found him attending to members of Rutenga Catholic Church Sacco and bundled him into the car drove off.

He says he was taken to Kanungu Resort Hotel in Kanungu Town Council where he was tortured before he was dumped at Kanungu Police Station.

The priest also says the kidnappers took the money in the bag he was grabbed with and share it amongst themselves.

Elly Maate the Kigezi Regional police spokesman says Fr. Tumukurate was Wednesday reported missing by Mugisha Moses, a resident of Karengye cell, Eastern ward in Kanungu district.

Maate says the kidnap which happened at around midday is believed to have been connected to the election campaigns in the area.

The cleric on his part accuses the camp of Dr Hon Chris Baryomunsi of being behind the attack.

At the time he was kidnapped he says, he had appointment letters for agents of one Mugisha Zepher one of the political aspirants in the districts.

Dr Baryomunsi, the state minister of housing however, has come out to refute claims of his involvement in the kidnap.

I am saddened by the news of the kidnapping of Rev. Fr. Andrew Tumukuratire of Rutenga Parish but also dismayed by the allegations of my involvement. I hold the Clergy in high regard and with utmost respect, more especially Reverend Fathers of the Roman Catholic church,” he said.

The minister vowed to work with relevant authorities to come to the bottom of this matter.

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