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Mabirizi Furious as DPP Takes Over Bobi Wine Age Case



The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) has taken over the case in which city Lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi accuses Kyadondo East legislator and Presidential hopeful Bobi Wine of giving Parliament and the Passport office wrong information about his age

Banat Kitimbo, the Resident State Attorney at Buganda Road court revealed yesterday that the DPP had decided to take over and conduct the criminal proceedings in this case.

“In that regard the complainant is required to furnish the Director of Public Prosecutions all reasonable information, assistance and to furnish any document or other matters in his possession or under his control in regard to this case,” Kitimbo said.

However, the complaint Mabirizi in response today objected to this move and asked the DPP to put in a formal application in court in which he will have to respond before court pronounces itself.

“This is an extraordinary case were the alleged offences were committed in March 2000 and for the past 20 years, the state has been silent about the crimes which made me investigate the matter myself and its perplexing how they now claim to be interested in my case,” Mabirizi said.

He has further asked the Magistrate to ignore the Resident State Attorney’s letter purporting to take over the case without any hearing.

This matter was fixed for mention on 10th September 2020.

Mabirizi contends that on 17th July 2017 at Parliamentary Building, Parliament Avenue Kampala, Bobi Wine wilfully procured registration into Uganda Parliament’s record under false pretence that he was born on 12th February 1982.

Additionally, he alleges that on 1st March 2000 at the Kampala Passport office, the accused gave false information to Passport Control knowing that it was false and thereby caused the officer to issue him with a Ugandan passport number B228848 with such a date which she wouldn’t have done had she known the truth.

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