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I’m Ready to Lose Election: Minister Kizige Admits to Sabotaging Kadaga



The State Minister of Karamoja Affairs, Moses Kawaaluuko Kizige has owned up to a letter he penned against Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and declared he is ready to lose his Bugabula North MP seat in Kamuli district.

In a response made on ‘Busoga Beyond Politics’ Kizige said he took the step to write the letter after failing to meet Kadaga in person.

“I want to confirm that I wrote the document being circulated. I did this after several attempts to meet her (Kadaga) were turned down,” said Kizige.

The state minister confirmed that the letter was indeed sent to President Yoweri Museveni, who decided to exercise fair hearing by inviting all leaders from Busoga.

“The document was sent to H.E, who invited all ministers from Busoga and the Secretary General (NRM) Kasule Lumumba,” added Kizige.

Kizige says he stands by the content of the document and is ready to sacrifice his parliamentary seat as a consequence.

“I may lose elections despite what I have done for Busoga, but future leaders shall be saved,” said Kizige.

Kadaga on Wednesday evening revealed on Kamuli Broadcasting Service radio that Kizige and other leaders from Busoga region wrote a dossier against her and took it to State House.

The Speaker said that the last one week she spent in Busoga, mainly Kamuli, where she is campaigning to retain her woman MP seat; she disclosed to voters how some leaders are fighting her.

“I have disclosed how some Basoga leaders in Government are fighting me. Recently, State Minister Moses Kizige, in cahoots with other leaders wrote a 13-point litany of complaints to President Museveni,” said Kadaga.

The Speaker added that she dismantled all the 13 points before Museveni, who is also the chairman of National Resistance Movement party, when she was invited to State House.

“I was invited to State House in their presence and I disapproved them to their disappointments,” added Kadaga.

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