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Final Year Medical Students to Resume Schooling this year as President Approves Institutions



Due to the foreseen significant absence of health personnel in health facilities as a result of the closure of educational facilities, the president has decided to put pen to paper to okay the resumption of studies.

President Museveni has finally approved the reopening of institutions but for only the final year, students undertaking health-related training.

This development is seen in a letter published by the Executive Director of the National Council for Higher Education Prof Mary Okwakol to all Vice-Chancellors and Principals of institutions offering health-related training.

Okwakol notes that this decision was informed by a huge gap in the health sector that needed the presence of medical students in hospitals.

“I am pleased to inform you that H.E the President has approved the reopening of institutions with final year students undertaking health-related training. This is to enable the students to complete their studies so as to fill the human resource gap the health sector would likely face,” said Prof Okwakol.

These include those pursuing a Bachelors level in Medicine and Surgery, Nursing and Midwifery, Dental Surgery, Pharmacy, Allied Medical Professionals, finalist postgraduate students on health-related programs, postgraduate students (doctors, nurses, and midwives) who are qualified and are already health practitioners and finalists undertaking training at diploma level in different fields.

She also explained that Interns will also be allowed to complete their programs as scheduled so that they can be allowed to practice.

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