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Bash Mutumba on MUK supremacy and juggling books with Boudoir



For a young man that uses his photography skills to celebrate the female body through the lens of his Sony A7 Mark II camera, it is extra ingenuity for Bash Fahad Mutumba – a Photographer and Writer – to maintain a tight grip on his academic endeavors at Makerere University, an institution he holds massive approbation for.

With his definitive look – a Kangaroo cap or hat, spectacles, a t-shirt, blazer, slim-fit jeans and casual shoes – Bash Mutumba’s love for simplicity is quite obvious. That, however, should never fool you into thinking that his creativity isn’t complex.

A few minutes into the first interaction with the not surprisingly talkative photographer will get you understanding that, for him, the words; aperture, shutter speed, exposure, focus and ISO come first in his vocabulary.

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