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We Are Not Your Enemy: Besigye Defends Fellow “Bushmen” Running for President



Col Dr Kizza Besigye has appealed to Ugandans to stop demonizing former fighters in the National Resistance Army (NRA) who have come out to contest for the Presidency.

Besigye said Tuesday that accusations of greed and power monopoly aimed against these people are misguided.

Besigye was speaking in light of the accusations that have been brought against follow fighters in the NRM bush war; Gen Gregory Mugisha Muntu and Gen Henry Tumukunde who are both expected to contest in next year’s elections against President Yoweri Museveni.

Speaking in an interview with Delta TV this morning, Besigye stressed that people like him, Gen Tumukunde and Muntu should be supported in their efforts to right the wrongs of the current NRM government which they helped bring to power.

“I don’t agree with the campaign that paints us as enemies of the country,” he said.

“People shouldn’t forget that the war we fought in Luwero was a war of truth and it was justified. People painting the Luwerro fighters as murderers with no good intentions, I don’t agree with them.”

According to Besigye, the current regime has long strayed from the values for which he and his colleague fought and gave their lives.

As such, he says it is the responsibility of the surviving “bushmen” to correct the mistakes made by the current government.

“This is the reason I am still fighting; because I don’t want those who died in Luwero, for what they fought and died for to be abandoned. They fought for justice.”

“Those who survived and took power, and betrayed those principles; it is now our responsibly especially we who saw what happened in the bush, to fight for what our fallen colleague believed in. That is why even the bushman who enter an election to struggle I will support them if what they want is to ensure the freedom that we fought for.”

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