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Semajeri is First Mutwa Running for Political Office 



Gad Semajeri has come out as the first person from the Batwa community to contest for political office.

Semajeri says he will be contesting in the forthcoming general elections for the seat of LCIII chairperson in the newly created Kashasha town council in Rubanda district.

Semajeri is from the Batwa community, one of the endangered indigenous groups in Uganda mostly found in the district of Kabale, Kisoro, Rubanda and Kanungu districts.

He will be the first ever Mutwa to run for office in the Kigezi region.

Semajeri, an advocate for the rights of the Batwa, is currently the chairman of the Batwa Development Organization.

He says one the reasons he is running for office is to amplify the voice of his fellow Batwa who have been marginalized for decades.

“I have a vision that if the people of Kashasha; I want to develop our town council and fight not just for the rights of the Batwa but everyone else because it is not just Batwa who are suffering,” he said.

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