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Security Investigates Brutal Killing of UPDF Soldier, Stabbed on the Abdomen by Unknown Assailants



The military has launched investigations into the death of a UPDF soldier whose pierced lifeless body was discovered by the roadside in Nwoya district.

Lance corporal John Aniko was reportedly found dead with a spear to his abdomen was on Saturday morning in Lebngec upper village, Lungulu Sub County in Nwoya district.

Locals claim Aniko who was murdered in cold blood initially tried to save his own life with a kitenge cloth he used to tie to his stomach for the bleeding to stop but it was in vain.

The deceased has been in the area guarding a farm belonging to Rose Nyeko the chairperson for the Nwoya district National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

Nyeko had nothing but good things to say about the deceased while employed at her farm , she however indicated that he had a weakness of galloping alcohol.

“The only thing I knew about him is that he drinks alcohol and loves moving late in the night but he is a very quiet person” Mrs. Nyeko explained

She also reported that the deceased was missing a gun that she suspects was stolen by his assailants.

Neither Police nor the military has captured anyone in relation to the crime , however, investigations are currently ongoing.

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