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Presidential aspirants on tension as controversial Prophet Elvis Mbonye may Prophecy who is to win 2021 general elections on his honor day



Prophet Elvis Mbonye expected to prophecy who will win the 2021 General Elections tonight as he is honored

Every 1st of September, remnants all over the world honor Prophet Elvis Mbonye in a Mega Concert Gala but this year, It will be a little bit different because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. It will be the first-ever scientific honor day and it will go down starting at 7 PM.

A lot is expected to transpire. Right from the anointing, praying and blessing, Elvis Mbonye is expected to make a number of Prophecies with the most important being the forthcoming Presidential elections.

A number of supporters majorly the remnants are on tension because the fate of their favorite candidates could be decided today.

In the past, Prophet Elvis Mbonye made prophecies that came to pass.

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