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Nyanzi Puts up Show of Loyalty on Social Media for Bobi Wine A Day after Branding Him a Lair



Motor mouthed Kampala Woman MP aspirant Stella Nyanzi has in a twist of events declared publicly her undying allegiance for presidential hopeful Bobi Wine (Robert Kyagulanyi) a day after she spat in his face.

This comes after the roaring activist outrightly blasted Bobi wine for lying to Ugandans about his real age and hoping to gain trust from Ugandans.

Nyanzi said on Monday that the matter of age raises deeper questions about trust and if Ugandans can trust someone who lies about his age.

Bobi wine was on Monday compelled to hold a presser to rectify the controversies surrounding his age that had seemingly threatened his entire political career.

Now in a detailed Facebook post, Nyanzi explains how she has keenly watched and attentively listened to Bobi’s response to allegations of dishonesty about his age, dates of birth, and different names on national certificates of education, disparities in school attendance, and contradicting months of sitting his national examination.

“I am glad to have amplified the voices of those who asked the important questions.

She applauded Bobi wine for his honesty on how the Father altered his actual birth date and pleaded with the headteacher to enable him a seat for Primary leaving examinations-PLE.

”I celebrate the principal of People Power for finally seeing the value of both accountable and responsive leadership. I appreciate him for taking the time to engage with and explain the seeming disparities. I was struck by how poverty impacted upon his education trajectory.”nyanzi Jotted

“I found Hon. Kyagulanyi deeply endearing when he boldly embraced his failures in the national examinations. I was touched by the story of how he dropped out of his first university admission to study Social Sciences, because of lack of tuition fees. He went further to draw from the challenges he faced in school and encourage other struggling students to persevere in spite of financial hardships, constant change of school and poor performance. ”

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