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Madhvani Group Closes Lancet Laboratory Over Covid19 Testing



The Madhvani Group of Companies management has closed Lancet Laboratories at one of its buildings for fear of spreading COVID-19.

The Lancet Laboratory proprietor, Dr. Robert Lukande is quoted saying the management of the building at Buganda Road, where the laboratory is situated, accused him of risking the whole building with COVID-19 infections due to the tests being carried out at his laboratory.

The laboratory is expected to release 150 COVID-19 test results carried out few days ago and others. All test results, including cancer, have reportedly been locked in the building.

When contacted on phone the Ministry of Health Spokesperson, Emma Ainebyoona described the development as “unfortunate” saying Lancet Laboratory was cleared to carry out COVID-19 tests.

He added that the laboratory passed the Ministry of Health’s precautionary guidelines centered on the safety of any infections, prevention and control.

“The laboratory premises located at Buganda Road passed the IPC (Infections, Prevention and Control) measures hence safe for COVID-19 tests,” he added.

Ministry of Health in its sensitization messages has consistently appealed to the public to avoid stigmatizing COVID-19 recovered patients or professionals handling the pandemic cases. People are encouraged to keep distance but not stigmatize.

Efforts to get a comment from the Madhvani group were futile.

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