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Landlord closes Lancet labs over COVID testing



Lancet labs

Lancet laboratories, one of the accredited laboratories testing for coronavirus disease (Covid-19), has been locked out of Madhvani Building on Buganda road by the landlord.

According to Lancet’s Dr Robert Lukande, the landlord locked them out in protest of testing for Covid-19 on his premises.

According to Lukande, 150 Covid-19 test results due to be released today, vital cancer tests, the lab’s international server and other tests have been locked in as the landlord fears spread of Covid on his premises.

Lancet mostly handles intending international travellers at Shs 345,000 per test, and results are known within 24 hours. The development comes at a time when the ministry of Health slapped a Shs 240,500 test charge on people in need of Covid-19 results citing test kit shortages and resource constrains.

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