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Kigongo Visits Sembabule Amid Rising Tensions Ahead of NRM Primaries



The NRM national Vice Chairperson, Hajj Moses Kigongo, on Monday visited Sembabule district in a bid to mediate among different party members vying for various seats ahead of party primaries.

The point of contention is the legitimacy of the NRM party register, with each camp accusing the other of trying to fix new names into the yellow book ahead of elections.

In Mawogola North, the two candidates; Ms Sharts Musherure, the daughter to the Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa and Mr Godfrey Aine Kaguta accuse each other of hijacking the NRM party registers for selfish gains.

At the weekend, the two NRM candidates who had converged at Lusugulu Sub county hall for a meeting organized by the Sembabule district NRM party registrar Mr Godfrey Katokozi accused one another of rigging.

Ms Musherule said Mr Aine and his supporters are trying to find ways of rigging the NRM primary election using the registers. The situation worsened when Mr Aine accused the registrar of failing to officially invite him at the meeting.

The clash left several supporters injured as police was rendered powerless in a meeting that had Special Forces soldiers guarding the candidates.

During the harmonization meeting on Monday, Hajj Kigongo noted that the party leadership is going to take a keen interest in the elections of Sembabule to avert eventualities that may mess up the process. He added that the district is going to be considered for a special security deployment on the polling day to ensure that the situation remains favourable to all categories of people.

Sembabule district has a history of violence in the NRM primaries and worst-case scenarios led to the loss of lives.

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