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Calling It Quits with Liquor: God’s Plan to Fine Shs 1m If Found Drinking Again



Socialite Ali Marcus Lwanga aka God’s Plan has, as per his declaration on social media, called it quits with alcohol.

“I have officially stopped drinking alcohol. Anyone sees me drinking, I am paying Shs 500,000 fine on the spot,” God’s Plan said on his Snapchat.

God’s Plan has been known to have a lavish life of flashy cars and buying expensive alcohol in bars among other high end expenditures.

Together with his now ex girlfriend Sheila Gashumba, their bar outings comprised of luxurious orders of over 15 bottles of Hennessy, Belaire, Moet, among others of the kind.

To them, it wouldn’t be a party without alcohol so it comes as a shock that Marcus is quitting the game.

Only time will tell if Marcus was serious or not, otherwise you can be on the lookout for him and hit that instant jackpot.


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