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Sheilah Gashumba Goes On Her Knees And Begs Ugandans To Support Irene Ntale, DJ Slick Stuart And DJ Roger



Sheilah Gashumba has begged Ugandans to support local artists,  Irene Ntale, Slick Stuart and DJ Roja’s by buying their new albums on iTunes.

Over the Weekend the pencil thin like media personality showed screenshots of how she had already paid for Ntale, Slick Stuart and DJ Roja’s new albums.

However, Gashumba’s revelation did not go down well with a section of her followers as they watered down her efforts to support local talent.

Seemingly irritated, she jumped out of her comfort Zone and responded with another sensational tweet attacking fans who have never bought any Ugandan singer’s ticket to a show or booked a table at their concerts.

“Lol some tweeps will waste their data saying I should support Ugandan music meanwhile 98% of them have never bought one single album of any Ugandan artist, never bought a single ticket or table to their concerts (all they want is freebies) Stop chatting trash and PAY up!! Bye!!”

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