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Sheila Gashuba Signs Multi Million Deal With American Champagne Making Company Martinellis, Given Lee Way To Gallop As Many Bottles Her Stomach Can Accommodate



French news coming in on our gossip desk indicate that former NTV presenter Sheila Gashumba has just signed a multi million deal with an American champagne making company Martinellis.

Sheila chilling with her bottles of martenellis

Although the details of the deal still remain scanty ,a source within Sheila’s camp did reveal to us that pencil thin socialite pocketed close to 15 millions from the lucrative collaboration with the American brewers.

Party girl Sheila Gashumba

Among the many things that were agreed upon in the contract was for her to regulated post her self sipping the expensive liquor something Sheila has been religiously doing for the past one week.

Being the official brand ambassador of the champagne making company Sheila has been given lee way to take as many bottles as she wants without paying any single penny.

She’s also  allowed to tag along with friends of her choice who are also entitled to free champagne


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