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Basajja Mivule Finally ‘Joins NRM’



Media personality and political commentator Basajja Mivule has reportedly joined the ruling National Residence Movement (NRM) party.

By publication of this story, Mr Mivule was meeting with Mr Balaam Barugahare, an NRM mobilizer who has recently helped rake in several opposition activists to the ruling party.

The meeting was held at Eureka Hotel in Ntinda.

Basajja Mivule a known vocal critique of the current regime had lately appeared to change tone and become hostile to some of the opposition groups in the country.

Following his arrest and detention on July 27th for allegedly spreading tribal sentiments in the media, Basajja Mivule accused his Baganda tribesmen of abandoning him in this time of need.

He said while in detention, he was helped and fed by people from other tribes.

Shortly before the meeting in Ntinda today, Mivule said he would be launching a war on political contenders who want to turn Uganda immoral.

Ostensibly referring to Hon Robert Kyagulanyi, Mivule said Ugandans could not afford to elect leaders who will put the country on the wrong path.

“Today I will be telling you the youths that you cannot hand over country in the hands of immoral people; to the drug users and crazy people,” he said.

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