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Rukungiri: Muhwezi: Rujumbura Needs Leaders who Put the People’s Interests First



Rujumbura MP aspirant, Rtd Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi has cautioned area residents against electing self-seeking politicians as the 2021 general elections draw closer.

“There are politicians who contest for public offices to serve their own interests. They do not have the people’s interests at heart,” said Muhwezi.

“Some of us are freedom fighters. We put our lives on the line for the peace and prosperity of our people. Your problems affect me too,” he emphasised.

“Forget politicians who don’t care about you. Now is the time to make Rujumbura shine again by electing leaders who will fully lobby for development and prosperity of the area.”

Muhwezi spoke this Saturday in different parts of Rujumbura where he is holding consultations for his MP bid.

Kids holding Muhwezi’s posters in Rujumbura

He lost the seat to FDC in 2016.

In Rweshama fishing village, residents told Muhwezi the new Fisheries Protection Unit (FPU) deployed to restore fish in Lake Edward has affected their livelihoods.

They asked Muhwezi to assist them do fish farming differently to sustain their families, saying the current MP Fred Turyamuhweza abandoned them. 

Muhwezi expressed joy at seeing people at cell level strictly following the COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

He also donated masks and urged the public to maintain social distancing to prevent further spread of the novel virus.

Muhwezi consulting in Rwenshama fishing village in Rukungiri on Saturday. He was accompanied by his wife, Canon Susan Muhwezi

In other areas, the people complained of land shortage as they live near Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Human wildlife conflicts are a serious problem in the district especially for the local communities surrounding Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Wild animals such as bush pigs, elephants, buffaloes, monkeys and baboons raid crops in the sub-counties of Bwambara, Ruhinda and Bugangari.

Efforts to control crop raiding have been done by Uganda Wildlife Authority and the district to control these wild animals by constructing trenches planting live fences (Mauritius thorns).

The people urged UWA to construct wire mesh fences along their boundaries with the national park to protect them from wild animals.

Canon Susan with bloggers and Balaam Barugahara at the Muhwezis residence

Muhwezi promised to deliver on his mandate if reflected to serve as Rujumbura constituency MP.

“We have been able to do a lot of things together even when you didn’t elect me as MP in 2016. With a new mandate, we will be able to build more schools and churches, strengthen our healthcare system and have more roads paved,” said Muhwezi.

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