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Bobi Wine, camp respond to Museveni’s ‘he was beaten properly, in the right way’



KAMPALA: President Yoweri Museveni finally let the cat out of the bag on the exchange between Robert Kyagulanyi and his guards Special Forces Guard SFC in Arua a year ago.

Museveni while passing out over 4000 cops at Kabalye Training School in Masindi broadcast live on national broadcaster UBC, he told the nation that the SFC behaved well when they came across Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine.

The President clad in army outfit at the ceremony, said in a video reproduced by Bobi Wine on his Twitter account below: “he was beaten properly, in the right way.”

Bobi who is the member of Parliament Kyadondo East and contesting for President in next year’s elections hit back: “Pathetic that he says I tried to box his guards who were armed with all sorts of weapons! I can assure you

@KagutaMuseveni you’ll never have the last laugh. All brutal despots in history have found great pleasure in the pain of their victims, but they never have the last laugh!”

The National Unity Party leader added: “This is Museveni, Uganda’s military dictator justifying my torture to near death by his guards in Arua, 2018. Shamelessly admits he stood in the way of justice & ensured perpetrators were never punished! Says this to embolden new recruits to brutalise Ugandans as we near election.”

Former opposition leader in Parliament, Winnie Kiiza, added her voice to Bobi’s: “H.E. @KagutaMuseveni
giggles as he says, “..I found that the man (@HEBobiwine) has been beaten properly and in the right way..”. Visibly enjoying his sense of impunity. Very sickening to watch

NUP Secretary General, David Lewis Rubongoya joined Bobi and Winnie: “ON ARUA & THE MUSEVENI STATEMENTS Last night when i saw Museveni saying that @HEBobiwine was beaten properly,the Arua memories came back to me When we visited him while in detention,he looked like a rogue beaten by a mob for stealing a phone on the street.”

Bobi Wine and his team were in Arua to beef up Kasiano Wadri’s campaign when they came up against the President’s convoy.

The President’s camp alleged that Bobi’s people hurled stones at his convoy. Museveni narrated that SFC rushed him to the helicopter and returned to deal with Bobi and his group.

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