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B2C’s Bobby Lash in love drama



Earlier this week,Peterson Ssali aka Bobby Lash of the B2C trio got himself involved in drama when his girlfriend came out accused Carol Embosera of Simba fm and ABS television of sleeping with him.

In an audio that made rounds on social media, Bobby’s unidentifed girlfriend sent warnings to Carol saying she will not let her ruin her relationship. In the same audio,she threatened Carol stressing that she will deal with her. “Carol please leave Bobby Lash, he is my man, you do not know how we started but all you want to do is ruin what I built my self ,I have heard a lot of things about you and it’s now that I believe whatever I heard. I can assure you Carol I will not let you ruin this . I know where you chill from, do your make up from and where you work. I will deal with you.” Bobby’s girlfriend threatened.

She further explained that she is ready to fight for Bobby since she carries his baby. “I am four months pregnant for Bobby and I will not let you put all your nonsense on him.I know how all you presenters think you can sleep with whoever you want .This time not my Bobby.” She stressed.

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