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You Are Not the King of Ankole – Court Tells Asiimwe



High Court in Mbarara on Thursday ruled that Umaru Assimwe Rubambansi has no right to proclaim himself the Monarch of Ankole kingdom.

Asiimwe crowned himself as the King (Omugabe) of Ankole on October 29, 2016 at the Kingdom palace located in Itaaba Kyabanyoro, Rwampara County in Mbarara District.

But one Phillip Musiime through his lawyers of Kato Frank and company advocates last year 2019 filed a case accusing Asiimwe of trying to take over the Ankole kingdom and holding an unlawful coronation ceremony when he was not the legitimate King of Ankole.

Justice Gordon Musiime the Mbarara High Court judge in his ruling ordered that Asiimwe and his agents restrain from parading him as the king of Ankole.

The judge further declared the first coronation by the defendant as wrongful and contrary to Article 246 (1) and (6) of the Constitution.

Speaking to journalists after the court ruling at the Mbarara high court, Umaru Asiimwe dismissed the verdict calling it politically motivated and promised to announce his next move very soon.

Asiimwe also called for calmness on the side of his followers who seemed to be oblivious of the court decision itself since the clerk to court never interpreted for them in vernacular.

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