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Prophet Elvis Mbonye honor this year will be virtual, set for 1st September



By Reporter

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Earlier today, Dicksons Kateshumbwa alias ‘Katesh’ launched his 2021 Election manifesto for MP Sheema, at his home in Kabwohe town, Sheema. In bid to observe the Covid 19 regulations, the few attendants of the launch had their temperatures taken and recorded. This; on top of being encouraged to wear face masks and sanitizing at the entrance and during the one meter (socialy-distanced) set up of the function.

Dicksons Kateshumbwa impressed all throughout his speech, especially for his firm grasp of the issues that ailed the people of Sheema. He pointed out a range of sectors with vices, and cited immediate solutions. He stated that the people of Sheema Municipality have been divided because of selfish and irresponsible leadership.

“We have failed to galvanize our strength and ideas to build and unite Sheema towards economic prosperity. I seek to unite all the people of Sheema Municipality and do away with divisions that have taken root with an aim of bringing development irrespective of tribal, political, racial or religious differences,” Kateshumbwa stated.

He also cited the lack of funding in the municipality as the biggest impediment to development across the infrastructural and economic sectors in the municipality, and vowed to rigorously loby for funding to ensure solutions to the problems birthed by the vice.

“We shall work towards having a smart municipality with good infrastructure such as roads, organized markets, sanitation facilities, street lighting, green spaces, among others. We shall work with the business community to strengthen the chamber of commerce and promote more business investments. Our health centers in the Municipality have been neglected for a while. We shall work to ensure that our health centers are adequately equipped and well-staffed to meet health needs of our people. I will work with different stake holders to increase access to and uptake of HIV prevention, care, treatment and support services. Health camps, health out-reaches, and community sensitization programs will be extended to our people. I will achieve all these through working with government and my network of friends locally and internationally,” Katesh explained.

Katesh also expressed disappointment in the (once glorious) primary and secondary schools’ performance within the municipality and vowed to diagnose what went wrong and thereafter galvanize and implement plans to transform these institutions.

“I will strengthen laws like the right to education, make scholarships free from sectarianism, cater for students with disabilities among others. I intend to use my world-wide networks to link our schools, institutions and university to others and also lobby for scholarships and bursaries for disadvantaged children,” he said to an ecstatic audience. END.

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