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Besigye Speaks Out on NRM Victory, Predicts Military Uprising Against Museveni



FDC’s Col Dr Kizza Besigye has dismissed the recent National Resistance Movement (NRM) landslide victory in the national special interest group elections, saying that such wins are a characteristic of a regime nearing its end.

Besigye said the ruling party could have even performed better if they wanted to, given the resources at their disposal.

The NRM in the just concluded polls managed a massive 86.93% in the election for the elderly committees; 84.84% in the disabled committees while in the village youth committees, the ruling party amassed   79% of the vote.

Yesterday, President Yoweri Museveni took a swipe at the opposition parties whose combined performance was even dwarfed by the independent candidates.

“Recently we had semi-finals in the form of elections of the disabled, the elderly and the youth. Who won the matches in the 3 matches? Bosco (himself) won without too much preparation. I am looking forward to the finals,” Museveni posted in a missive.

However, while addressing press at his offices on Katonga Rd this morning Col Besigye said the NRM party couldn’t have perform that good on a levelled playing field.

“You’ve been hearing them talking of winning by 80% in the recent elections. How can you win by 80%? That is impossible,” Besigye said.

“In fact you can even win by 100% if you created your own (voters’) register.”

Besigye, who recently quit elective politics to push are mass insurrection campaign against the NRM government, — the so-called Plan B —  says such landslide victories are common in governments about to be deposed.

He cited Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita who was arrested recently and forced to resign by his own army.

“Kaita of Mali had won his last election with 85%; he is now in jail. That is how all dictators who are about go are like. All we have to do is just stand up and shake things a little bit.”


Meanwhile Col Besigye predicted that that President Yoweri Museveni strong military apparatus would one day join the opposing political forces to turn against him.

For most world strongmen, Besigye said, their big security apparatuses tend to be their own undoing in the end.

“Today you are talking of Museveni having a strong military intelligence; but before you talk about intelligence; look at all these LDUs he is passing out daily. They have no food…Their expectations are high but he has nothing to give to them,” Besigye noted.

“Dictators own security apparatus, but in the final phases, they unite with the people in the demand for freedom because they themselves suffer more than the people.”

“My father was a policeman in colonial times; they had no shoes but they lived more dignified lives than these ones here. The same with military. What happened to the Kayihuras who were hunting us down? Nowadays they are the ones coming to visit me at my home. A big security network is the biggest undoing of a dictatorship,” Besigye concluded.

Chimpreports was unable to reach the UPDF spokesperson Brig Flavia Bykwaso to comment on Col Besigye’s remarks as she didn’t pick our calls.

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