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You Must Refund My Money – Upcoming Singer Threatens Chameleone



Singer and 2021 lord mayor hopeful Jose Chameleone is reportedly being accused of duping and taking an upcoming singer’s money amounting to Shs 2m.

The upcoming artist, OMK Innocent Man, alleges that Chameleone bagged over Shs 2m that they had agreed upon to work on his ‘Yogerako Nange’ music project.

According to OMK, Chameleone only worked on the song’s audio and failed to turn up for the music video as earlier on agreed.

While appearing for interviews on different media platforms, OMK and his manager stated that early this year, they agreed with Chameleone that they would pay him Shs 2m to do a collaboration; record an audio and shoot a music video for the ‘Yogerako Nange’ track.

“Surprisingly, Chameleone changed his mind all of a sudden and started telling us different stories as well as asking for more money,” OMK said.

“Truth be told, I have got little money from the project but all I want him to do is to either feature in the video or refund the cash,” OMK added.

The ‘Yogerako Nange’ songster also revealed that he had hired one of the videographers who shot one of two recent music videos that Chameleone last released.


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