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SHOCKER! Sheila Gashumba was gifted a “pimped” old car that is stuck in a city top apartment’s parking space in a poor mechanical condition



Sheila Gashumba was recently gifted a BMW car by her father Frank Gashumba. The excited socialite took to her social media platforms to show off her gift despite the numerous concerns on why her rich boyfriend did not buy her one in the 3 years they have been bonking. A lot of questions were asked but as expected, she did not have any answers.

However since she was gifted the car, she has never been spotted cruising in her “new” car.  She is often seen traveling using special hire vehicles.

But it looks like one of her very close friends has let the cat out of the bag and spilled the beans.

Sheila Gashumba posing with Martinellis bottles imported from Kikubo at 35K each

According to this close friend who preferred anonymity, Sheila was never gifted a new car as she alleged. The car with registration series UAS was very old and they just pimped it but the Engine and other critical parts stayed in the same state a reason it is stranded at top city apartments. As a matter of fact, the friend revealed that Sheila only tried to drive it once but terribly failed to move and the mechanics took over.

The friend dared us to find a video or photo of Sheila Gashumba cruising in the car and we had no comeback.




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