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Reuben Robert Introduces Fiance Zahara Toto To His Parents



TV star Zahara Totto’s ancestral spirits are finally setting her free! Totto has over the years endured bad relationships with numerous city smart wires but now all seems to be well in her love life.

Totto having a light moment with Reuben's mom
Totto having a light moment with Reuben’s mom

The Lugambo queen was dumped by gigantic boyfriend, Big Papa but luckily enough, she ran back to her Reuben Robert, a guy who has always accepted her for who she is.

Reuben is not messing up this time round as he has even introduced her to his parents!

Totto has has four kids from four different men but none of the men considered her marriage material but Reuben rates her highly.

Reuben with his dad
Reuben with his dad

Totto interacted with the inlaws and assured them how she will love, keep and take care of their son! Reuben took to social media and posted;

Totto with Reuben's parents
Totto with Reuben’s parents

“Tonny and his wife Rose plus their daughter, Saifa are great people to be around.  They know how to have a good time. Zahara and I spent some quality time with them yesterday and it was worthwhile,”.

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