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MP Lutamaguzi Remanded for Flouting Covid19 SOPs



Nakaseke South Member of Parliament Paulson Ssemakula Lutamaguzi has Thursday been charged and remanded to Wanyato government prison, The Tower Post

The opposition strongman was picked up by Police on Wednesday August 26th at Wakasanke village along Matugga-Ssemuto road as he planned to hold a rally.

He has been charged with doing an act likely to spread Covid-19.

The situation comes amid public anger over a number of NRM politicians who have previously held processions but were ignored by Police

Recently, Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng appeared in a video holding a procession but she was defended by President Museveni.

Minister for Investment Evelyne Anite was the second NRM politician to hold a procession against Covid 19 guidelines but also went untouched

A number of other NRM leaning politicians have done acts contrary to Museveni’s directives but have been protected by the Police.

The same however, has not been extended to opposition politicians as these have been brutally arrested and allegedly tortured.

Lutamaguzi is set to appear again in court on Thursday September 3rd.



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