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Meet Mudra D’Viral. The brain behind the biggest dancehall songs in the country



Ssebunya Alfa alias Mudra D Viral is the silent brain behind the biggest dancehall songs in the country. You have probably listened to a full playlist of the songs that have gone through his hands and his very own projects.

He is a 25-year-old singer signed to DreamCity music empire. He started music years ago as of passion and did a number of songs despite not commercializing them.

Commercially, Mudra has released songs like Bwotyo, Bar love, Boss ft Cindy, Nkuwulira ft Karole Kasiita, Onzinya and his latest single “Kimuli kyange”.

On how he started writing, Mudra says he was approached by his friend Otterz to write a song for Karole Kasiita and the rest is history.

Since then, he has had a hand in all Karole Kasita’s dancehall hit songs except “Obuwoomi” and many other musicians I prefer to keep anonymous because of the NDA we signed.

As a versatile artist, Mudra expects all the best in the musical future. With massive airplay his latest single, ‘Kimuli Kyange’ is receiving, the future is bright.

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